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What is on your ballot for the Nov. 3 Election

All Virginia ballots include selection of electors for the Democratic, Republican, and Libertarian parties’ candidates for president and vice president.

Your congressional district depends upon where you live; in the Lynchburg area it could be District 5 or 6. To find your district and information about the two amendment questions go to VOTE411.

  • There are no down ballot races on the Lynchburg and Amherst County ballots.

  • The Bedford County ballot includes candidates for Clerk of Court

  • The Town of Bedford ballot includes candidates for Town Council

  • The Towns of Brookneal and Altavista ballots include candidates for Mayor and Town Council

Mark your ballots carefully: completely fill in the boxes next to the name of the party or candidate and yes or no after each questions (turn the ballot over to answer question 2).

WARNING: If you make other marks on the ballot it may not be countedI.

If you want to change a vote or have made a mistake, as an election official for another ballot.

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