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You can donate here to the LWV Lynchburg or to the Education Fund.  Donations to LWV Lynchburg supports membership waivers, League operations, and events - these donations are NOT tax deductible. Donations to the Education Fund support nonpartisan voter service and voter education activities and ARE tax deductible.
If you prefer to donate by check, please mail it to:
PO Box 3042 | Lynchburg, VA 24503


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Drug Court Initiative

LWV - Lynchburg is currently helping to provide for the purchase of Subway Gift Certificates and greatly needed bus passes. The LWVLY board voted to donate $200. It would be greatly appreciated if you would care to make a personal donation

You can send a donation of any amount directly to the Adult Drug Court at:

ATTN: Taylor Jones

Lynchburg Circuit Court

Adult Drug Court

P.O. Box 4

Lynchburg, VA 24505

Donations to the League of Women Voters are not tax deductible, please send a check to:
PO Box 3042 |  Lynchburg, VA 24503

Donations to the LWV - Lynchburg's Education Fund are tax deductible. The Education Fund supports the LWV's voter education programs such as printing voting and election information.  Learn more about the Education Fund.

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