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Early Voting in Virginia

In 2020 the early voting period was extended to 45 days prior to an election. No

excuse is required to vote early in-person or by mail.

You can vote early in-person at your Registrar’s Office - not at your usual polling

place. In Lynchburg, that office is on the upper level of the Kemper St. train station.

Hours are 9a.m. - 5 p.m. Mon. - Fri. (except for October 12, Indigenous People's Day, also known as Columbus Day) and Saturday October 24 & 31.

The process is easy and safe; free parking is available in the GLTC lot; poll workers

are behind plexi-glass and masked and are busy wiping down voting booths, and


A photo ID is no longer required but you do need an acceptable form of

identification which includes voter ID card, valid VA drivers license, valid student ID,

and current utility bill or bank statement which has voter’s name & address.

Once you fill out your ballot, you slip it in the scanner, and it is counted!!

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