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(Virtual) Day of Action On Redistricting

A purple and gold themed image asking you to save the date for the LWV People Powered Day of Action. An inset photo shows a diverse group of women marching in support of board voting rights.

It’s 2021 Time for Nonpartisan Redistricting! It is 2021 --- Time for Fair Redistricting in Virginia!

About this Event

Join the League of Women Voters of Virginia On our (Virtual) Day of Action

April 29 at 7:00pm

Citizen voices are essential for Fair Maps! Now that Virginia has created a Bipartisan, Citizen-led Redistricting Commission, what do Virginia citizens need to do? Join us to learn what happens next and how you can get involved!

  • Why is fair redistricting important?

  • Who is drawing the maps? And when will they do that?

  • How can I make sure my voice is heard?

Register here:

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