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Voting by Mail in Virginia

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

October 23 is the last day to request a Virginia Vote by Mail Application form. These can be downloaded from the VA Dept. of Elections Citizens portal here:

Mail the application to Office of the Registrar, 825 Kemper St., Suite A; Lynchburg, VA 24501.

Your application will be noted in the Office system, and an official election envelop with detailed instructions; envelope A which contains the ballot, and envelope B in which you place the ballot will be mailed to you.

To be sure your vote is counted, carefully follow the directions. You must write your full name, the address where you are registered to vote, and your signature on the back of envelope B.

The instructions also call for a witness. However, as the result of a late summer consent decree, no witness is required for absentee voting for the Nov. 3 election so you can disregard those messages. If you make a mistake, on the ballot, contact the Registrar 434 477 5999.

Mail your ballot (no stamp is needed for this election) so that it is postmarked on or before election day, or deliver the ballot in person to the Registrar’s Office before 7.00 p.m. election day, Nov. 3. Ballots received by Friday, Nov. 6 will be counted.

Each registered voter has been assigned a unique bar which can be found above your address on all official election mailings. When your mailed ballot is received, the Registrar records that on your voting status. This way, you can confirm with her that your ballot has been received and all required information has been submitted. (434 477 5999)

It is illegal to vote twice. If you decide to vote in-person instead of by mail, take the in-completed ballot with you to your polling place.

Counting returned mail ballots takes time so be patient. The Registrar’s office staff are dedicated hard working civil servants . They are taking every step possible to ensure full citizen participation in the election process and a complete and accurate count of votes.

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